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Resolutions promote nuclear disarmament worldwide
The General Assembly of the United Nations UN approved the new Mexico developed resolutions which promoted nuclear disarmament in coordination with Austria Ireland and South Africa, and with the support of over two thirds of the UN Members.
In a statement, the Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE) said dial Mexico is recognized as a leader in the field of nuclear disarmament due to its historical activism in promoting initiatives to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons.
The statement said “The approval of these resolutions by the General Assembly is a recognition by the international community of the initiatives made by Mexico and die countries that agree with its policies against such inhumane weapons”.
The initiatives are: Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons Ethical Dimension to Reach a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World and Advances in Multilateral Negotiations on Nuclear Disarmament.
These resolutions are based on the results of the international conferences on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, particularly those conferences held in Nayarit, Mexico and Vienna in 2014.
The results of the voting show that the vast majority of countries believe that nuclear weapons should not be used ever again, under any circumstances or by any actor because of the catastrophic consequences such an event could have in humanitarian, environmental, climate change, global health, ecosystem and development terms.
The adoption of these resolutions by the General Assembly should be commended given that, until now, these were Issues outside their agenda. This represents a paradigm shift in the discussion on nuclear weapons that, until now, were focused only on questions of military security. Nuclear weapons are the only weapons of mass destruction that are not subject to an express prohibition in international law.
The Secretariat said, “It is presumed that 16 000 nuclear weapons exist today, of which, 1 000 are at high operational alert status.”
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